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The cartoonist

The cartoonist

23/06/2015 • Under: The cartoons


I divide my cartoons in two distinct periods: the political commitment that goes from 2001 to 2008, where I published the hilarious “vernacular” of Livorno and the next one dedicated to the social cooperative “Ventidimare”.

When I gave birth to the cartoons of the first period, the white and black, I had not understood that dinosaurs are extinct due to natural causes, and only later, during the color, I realized that the asteroids may be started from the civic courage of the young people.

In the summer of 2006 I managed to combine the passion to work creating the first Italian accommodation featuring comics, Villa Comics.

Thus, the cartoonist on the disposition of Donald Duck, has worn the costume transforming myself into a tourism entrepreneur, as often happens to those who invest in the south, in the superhero.

Gianfranco Martuscelli

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