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San Severino von Centola

San Severino von Centola

19/06/2015 • Under: Umgebung


In the area of Lambro and Mingardo rivers in low Cilento, dominant on a rocky hill is San Severino Centola.

An old medieval village completely abandoned in the last century and today the focus of a preservation project run by local people that, to that end, have created the association „Il Borgo“. The charm of the ruins of the village is unparalleled.

The ancient settlement located on a hill overlooking the Mingardo river valley is divided into two parts from the shape of the saddle top. On one side, in fact, we find the area of the castle and church, and at the other, the area of residential buildings.

In summer, and not only, there are various events and gatherings organized by the association in order to boost the place. and attract visitors.

It’s worth mentioning the famous country ham festival which takes place in August in the square outside the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli of San Severino Centola and a live reenactment of the Nativity in the Christmas period.

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