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Oasis of Morigerati

Oasis of Morigerati

19/06/2015 • Under: Environs


Morigerati is inland from the Gulf of Policastro, along the river Bussento, and is in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano.

The oasis covers an area of 607 hectares and was created by WWF in 1985 to protect the autochthonous flora and fauna.

The WWF decided to set up the nature trails so that everyone could appreciate and fully enjoy the natural environment in which they moved, offering exciting tracks with spectacular sights and small rest areas from which people could observe the animals in their own peaceful environment; a path that help connect with nature, without affecting its equilibrium. Moreover, it’s possible to have guided tours to the caves, attend workshops, do work experience and field research.

Very interesting is the ethnographic museum that collects items and documents of the traditional cultures of the bussentino area: everyday objects with a special focus on work tools and textile products.

Thousands of specimens have been saved in this way from the ravages of time and historical oblivion.

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