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Christ of Maratea

Christ of Maratea

19/06/2015 • Under: Environs


Christ the Redeemer was a tribute to the people of Maratea by the Count Stefano Rivetti of Valcervo. The masterpiece, the second biggest in the world behind that of Rio de Janeiro, is a creation of Prof.

Bruno Innocenti that was terminated in 1965. Christ is visible from all around the Gulf of Policastro and, thanks to the will of Count Stefano Rivetti, has attracted over the years countless numbers of people. The Redeemer is the reeal pride of Maratea.

Placed on mount San Biagio (about 640 meters above the sea level), facing the sanctuary, the colossal monument draws huge admiration and its arms outstretched upwards welcome all in the faith.

There is no person visiting the “Gulf of Policastro” who does not look up at the old Maratea village and not feel attracted and invited to climb on top to see the glorious beauty and reality of this immense work that, with the passing of days, is increasingly assuming the character and the recognition of undisputed internationality.

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