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Antiquarium of Roccagloriosa

Antiquarium of Roccagloriosa

19/06/2015 • Under: Umgebung


The museum of the small town of Cilento , situated inside the city hall, houses numerous archaeological Lucan remains dating back to V and III century BC that were found within the village of Roccagloriosa in the residential settlement of the „central complex“ and the monumental necropolis.

The oldest evidence of an early use of the site dates back to the second millennium BC, but a real settlement began to form only from the fifth century BC, on the ridge of the Capitanali, and experienced a significant development in Lucan age between the IV and III century BC.

To this period belong the village and the solid limestone walls surrounding the plateau for 1.2 kilometers, outside of which extended the area of the necropolis. The museum, housed in single room, holds various artifacts found during excavations in town and necropolis, which reveal the life of the site until late imperial and medieval period.

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